Fishing Liaison Officer Appointed for Mac Lir

June 28th 2023

September 2021

Fishing Liaison Officer Appointed

Source Galileo recognise the importance of the fishing industry and their role as key stakeholders for all offshore wind developers. Source Galileo welcome and value input from the fishing industry into the development process for Mac Lir. The company believes in building close working relationships between the fishing community and the offshore renewables sector to facilitate co-existence in a way that is mutually beneficial.

To ensure that access to information is available to the fishing community, Source Galileo have appointed Fishing Liaison Limited to be a dedicated Fishing Liaison Officer (FLO) for the project. Speaking about the appointment, Peter Campbell, Head of Offshore at Source Galileo said:

Fishing vessel

We appointed Mark as our FLO because of his vast experience and knowledge of the fisheries industry. I'm confident that working closely with Mark we will ensure that information flows freely both ways, in an open and transparent way, throughout the development process for this project.

Peter Campbell, Head of Offshore at Source Galileo

Source Galileo’s project FLO is available to discuss the project with fishing industry stakeholders at any time.

Contact details:

Fishing Liaison Limited, Mark O’Reilly, 021 203 1005 or email